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Smoking Kss Brown Thinnest 1 Pc

Smoking Kss Brown Thinnest 1 Pc

Réf.: 513961-1PC

Smoking Thinnest Brown is the best of both worlds. Ultra thin (10g/m2) and unbleached. This King Size rolling paper contains no chemicals or additives. The pack contains 33 rolling papers.
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Smoking Thinnest Brown King Size Slim

Smoking Thinnest Brown is a super thin paper, no less than 10 g/m2, and completely unbleached. This rolling paper contains no chemicals or additives. The Rolling paper is strong and good for rolling. The adhesive edge is made of vegetable gum.

Smoking at its purest

If you have ever smoked with unbleached rolling papers, you will know the difference in flavour between white and brown papers. The Smoking King Size Slim is also 20% thinner than the normal 'Thins' from Smoking. It ensures you that you can enjoy your herbs even more. The package consists of 33 rolling papers.


Smoking originated in the eighteenth century in the Catalan of Capellades in the province of Barcelona. At that time, the Miquel family still made rolling papers by hand. In 1868, the Miquel family made great progress in their production. They start their own business in Havana, Cuba. The brand of Smoking “El Pino” is born. In 1914, the first packets of rolling papers were produced under the name El Pino. The Smoking brand was not registered until 1923. Smoking is becoming the brand among smokers and is growing. In the nineties the Smoking Deluxe was developed and a huge success.

Specifications of Smoking Thinnest Brown

  • Size: 108 x 44 mm
  • Thickness: 10 g/m2
  • Material: unbleached wood pulp
  • Colour: brown
  • Unbleached: yes
  • Type of rolling paper: king size
  • Quantity of papers per pack: 33 papers
  • Brand: Smoking
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