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SLX Aluminium Grinder Silver 4-Parts 50 mm

SLX Aluminium Grinder Silver 4-Parts 50 mm

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A SLX grinder is a luxurious, well-thought-out grinder with a non-stick coating, two different pollen scrapers and an easily removable reservoir.
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SLX Aluminium Grinder Silver 4-Parts 50 mm 1 Pc

The SLX grinders are made of 7075 T6 aluminium. For the layman: that is the same quality as in space travel. On the interior is found a patented ceramic coating that ensures that your grinder is never 'sticky' again. The coating is 100% clean and non-toxic because no Teflon or PTFE plastics are used. The coating bonds well with the aluminium at a molecular level.

From now on, no more sticky grinders and disappearing THC.

The filters in the SLX grinder are also as you would expect with this product. A steel mesh with a microfilter ensures that every trichome is being caught. The quality is here again of the highest class. You can also easily remove the filter to increase your reservoir’s size!

And yes, the lid has also been thought of. An ultra strong and solid magnetic lid of Rare Earth Neodymium magnets ensures that your grinder will never open again without your consent.

And will it bite?

Yes! The teeth of the SLX grinders are sharp and precision cut in a trapezoid shape. The best grind with the least effort, regardless of the chunky nuggets you put in it. These teeth will not bend or break, because they are much too strong for that. Warning! This applies to normal use. Of course, you shouldn't put metal or other foreign objects in it because then it won't work. In addition, your warranty will also be void if you do so. So just don't!

The 62 mm SLX grinder has 55 teeth.
The 50 mm SLX grinder has 27 teeth.

Specifications of SLX Aluminium Grinder Silver 4-Parts

• Colour/Design: silver
• Material: aluminium
• Grinder diameter: ± 50 mm
• Number of parts: 4-parts
• Reservoir: yes
• Pollen screen & storage compartment: yes
• Removable pollen screen: yes
• Pollen scraper: yes
• Magnetic lid: yes
• Quantity: 1 piece
• Brand: SLX
• Available colours: black, charcoal, silver, champagne-gold, yellow-gold, leaf-green, purple

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