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Raw papers king size supreme 1 booklet 40 leaves

Raw papers king size supreme 1 booklet 40 leaves

Réf.: 514153-1PC

RAW Kingsize Supreme Paper are the perfect papers for people who want a pure, clean and long lasting experience. The classic packaging contains 40 unbleached rolling papers, which are made from natural products and free of harmful additives. Due to the well-known criss-cross watermark you get a paper that burns evenly and slowly, allowing you to enjoy your favorite herb more.

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Classic King Size Supreme rolling papers from RAW are made for smokers who appreciate a pure, clean and long-lasting smoking session. These rolling papers are made from natural unrefined plants and finished with a natural tree sap gum. The unbleached rolling paper is free of added dyes, bleach or glue and is designed to burn equal and clean. If the natural and organic nature of the rolling papers aren't enough to convince you, your smoking experience certainly will. The producers at RAW have ensured that the papers burn slowly and evenly. This is made possible by the exclusive cross-pattern watermark, which minimizes run-up and uneven burning of the papers. This provides a more even burning smoking experience. You enjoy a pure and clean taste with every toss.

RAW is one of the biggest when it comes to papers. The combination of durability and quality makes their rolling papers something you have not seen before. The RAW King Size Supreme Papers has enough space to roll a big fat horn. The package contains 40 slow-burning rolling papers that do not crease. These flat and wrinkle-free packaging are the original type of packaging for rolling papers before the so-called "interleaving" was used. Interleaving is a technique in which different blocks of an object or object, in this case papers, are intertwined. RAWthentic is true artisan rolling paper in every sense of the word. With over 100 years of history, every pack of natural rolling papers is lovingly produced.

The RAW Classic Kingsize Supreme, for example, is made on the modernized version of "La Bicicleta", an antique machine originally powered by kick. Although "La Bicicleta" has been modernized, you can still see the history through every sheet of rolling paper. They have remained practically the same as they were 100+ years ago. Where they are still made in the birthplace of tissue paper; Jativa, (just outside the town of Alcoy in Spain).

The specifications:

  • Size: 100 mm x 44 mm
  • All Natural
  • Without Additions
  • 100% Vegan
  • Natural Hemp Gum
  • Criss-Cross Watermark
  • Slow and even burning
  • 40 Papers
  • Wrinkle-free
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