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Mascotte Slim Filters Organic 120 Pcs

Mascotte Slim Filters Organic 120 Pcs
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Looking for a filter tip that is not only useful but also environmentally conscious? No need to look further because the Mascotte Unbleached Slim Paper Filters checks these topics these boxes. You only have to put them in your joint or roll-up and you have a high-quality filter tip, which is also completely biodegradable. With a length of 19 mm and a width of 6 mm, they are slightly thinner than the classic filters from Mascotte, but that only improves the smoking experience.

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Slim Filters Organic from Mascotte are ready-to-use 100% biodegradable tips for your roll-up or joint. The filters are made of unbleached cellulose, which gives them their light brown color. Cellulose is a main component of cell walls in plants, which provides an organic compound.

They are 6 mm thinner than the classic filters and with an extra length of 19 mm, which enhances the taste experience. Another advantage of these Mascotte filters is that you no longer suffer from crumbs of weed or tufts of tobacco in your mouth. In addition to a purer smoke, you also waste less product. The filters are very suitable for people who don't feel like turning a corner.

As if the organic filters didn't have enough advantages already, they are also packed in an environmentally conscious bag. These are also completely biodegradable, just like the filters. Although it is of course not the intention that you throw your junk on the street. If it does happen, it's reassuring to know that you're not causing serious damage to the environment.

The specs:

  • Width: 6mm
  • Length: 19mm
  • Amount: 120
  • Biodegradable
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23.11.2018 | 23:25

bien, un peu plus long que ceux que j'ai lhabitude de prendre mais bien et elle donne un petit gout que j'apprecie.

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