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Greengo Saverette 1Pc

Greengo Saverette 1Pc

Réf.: 522038-1PC

As the name suggests, the well-known Saverette from Greengo ensures that you can store a joint. Put it burning and carefree in the plastic tube and you can continue at a later time without loss of taste or shape.
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Greengo's Saverette is a handy plastic tube in which you can easily extinguish and store your joint. A simple but great invention that will benefit many cannabis consumers. Simply put your joint in the tube, close the lid and it will go out in seconds. The Saverette is made of heat-resistant plastic, so you can store the burning joint 100% fire-proof. The lid also closes hermetically so that no unwanted odors are released that you carry with you. In terms of size, the Saverette is equivalent to a King Size joint. 

The Saverette is ideal for times when you can't or don't want to smoke your joint all at once. Because you will always see; just when you have lit your product you are interrupted. Whether it is because your train is approaching, because someone in your area is bothered by the (for you delicious) aromas or because you just don't want to smoke it all yet. It is a shame to throw away your precious joint to throw. Saving is then the best option. And thanks to the Saverette, you can continue where you left off worry-free later on without suffering from loss of taste.


The Greengo brand originated from the vision of true idealists. Lovers of greenery, who like to roll one up and light it, but don't feel like adding the unnecessary "bleach". Greengo and its products are characterized by being 100% unbleached, 100% free of chemicals and 100% FSC paper.

Specs Display Greengo Saverette

  • Type: Saverette
  • Size: 110 mm
  • Material: plastic
  • Brand: Greengo
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