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French Display Greengo Unbleached King Size Slim 3 In 1 22Pc

French Display Greengo Unbleached King Size Slim 3 In 1 22Pc

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A French Greengo display with King Size Slim rolling papers, unbleached tips, and a built-in rolling tray.
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French Display Greengo Unbleached King Size Slim 3-in-1 22 Pc

ATTENTION: This product is only provided in the French language!

Greengo: pure and natural rolling papers for the purest smoking experience! Where many brands falsely claim to offer completely unbleached rolling papers, Greengo really lives up to this promise. The brand has launched the first rolling papers made from 100% natural and unbleached paper, which is made from FSC-certified pulp. This sustainable and healthy way of producing is not limited to the rolling paper itself. Even the packaging of Greengo rolling papers is made from 100% recycled and FSC-certified paper.

Greengo King Size Slim rolling papers have a thickness of 14 gr/m2, which is an ideal thickness for a pleasant rolling experience. To make them even more pleasant and more natural, Greengo rolling papers have an adhesive edge of 100% Arabic gum. This is the most natural way to make your rolling papers stick together. These papers are therefore genuinely better for yourself and the environment. It is therefore not for nothing that many cannabis enthusiasts prefer these high-quality rolling papers over "normal" bleached papers. So do the environment, yourself, and your wallet a favor. Do not wait any longer and order your natural and unbleached King Size Slim rolling papers from Greengo today. Because with this display, which contains no fewer than 22 booklets, you are completely baked for the time being.


The Greengo brand stands for sustainable, 100% pure, and natural. This is reflected in all Greengo products as well as the packaging. You experience it with every smoking session. The brand offers an exclusive, environmentally friendly line of products for conscious smokers.

Specifications of French Display Greengo KSS 3-in-1 22 Pcs

  • Size: King Size Slim
  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 44 mm
  • Thickness paper: 14 gr/m2
  • Material: FSC-certified pulp unbleached
  • Number of papers per booklet: 33 leaves
  • Number of filter tips per booklet: 34 tips
  • Contents: 1 display of 22 booklets
  • Brand: Greengo
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