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Elements single width roll dispenser 1 pc

Elements single width roll dispenser 1 pc

Réf.: 514022-1PC

Single Wide Rolls from Elements are rolling papers made from thinly pressed rice paper. The rolling paper, no less than five meters (!), comes in a handy plastic dispenser. What makes Elements rolling paper so good is that the rolling papers are traditionally made with natural materials in a natural way. The Criss Cross Watermark ensures a good, clean and even burn.

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According to some smokers, Elements rolling papers are one of the best on the market. The thinly pressed rice paper comes on a roll of no less than five meters. So the value for money is excellent! The roll of wide rolling paper comes in a handy plastic box, so you can easily tear off the desired length.

Elements rolls contain all four earthy elements. For example, the earth element is reflected in the environmentally friendly materials, such as sugar and rice, as used in the creation of these rolling papers. They therefore burn practically without ash because the natural gum converts it into caramel as soon as it starts to burn. This allows you to fully enjoy the natural taste of your favorite spice mix. The next element; water. Each sheet contains the criss-cross watermark, over which Elements has ownership. This watermark ensures the smoothest and most even combustion. It also prevents bleeding. Then the wind. For the production of these long rolling papers only wind energy is used. Finally, the element of fire, they are designed to be set on fire! But good rolling papers don't just burn, they burn slowly, evenly and cleanly.

The specifications:

  • Size: 37mm x 5m
  • Material: 100% natural rice
  • Brand: Elements
  • Criss Cross Watermark
  • Little to no ash
  • Ultra Thin Transparent rolling paper
  • Handmade
  • Sugar gum for the adhesive edge
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