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Elements filter tips 1 booklet

Elements filter tips 1 booklet

Réf.: 514046-1PC

This Elements tip booklet contains 50 high-quality filter tips, which you can easily roll or fold into a shape of your choice. The paper itself is completely naturally produced, without chlorine or other chemicals as an addition. By using the Elements filter tips you prevent tobacco from getting into your mouth or burning your lips with the last part of the joint. All of this makes Elements' tips one of the best filter tips you can buy.

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You could use any scrap of paper for your filter tip. However, if you want to roll a thick and well-filled fatty, these Element Tips are ideal! Elements tips are made from the same quality paper they are known and loved for. They are unperforated and completely free of chlorine and other chemicals.

Your smoking experience is enhanced by preventing your spice mix from accidentally getting into your mouth. It also prevents you from burning your mouth at the end. Each tip booklet contains 50 loose tips that are easy to tear off and easy to roll or fold into a shape of your choice. With these tips, your spliff will roll more easily and it will become stronger while smoking.

Elements products are only made from natural products, which is why Elementes is a brand known for the quality of their smoking accessories. For the production of these high-quality tips, soft fiber paper is used, which is further pressed with a fourdrinier paper machine.

The specs:

  • Completely free of chlorine and chemicals
  • 50 tips per booklet
  • Non-perforated Elements tips
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