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Display Raw Classic 1 1/4 300 40 Pcs

Display Raw Classic 1 1/4 300 40 Pcs

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High-quality and unbleached rolling paper from RAW in the 1 format. Packed per 300 pieces and stacked to prevent creasing. RAW's display with 300 1 1/4 papers contains 40 packs.
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Display Raw 300 1 ¼ 300 Leaves 40 Pcs

The 1 ¼  size is the original size of Raw's rolling papers and is also known as the "Spanish size". When the first rolling papers were created hundreds of years ago, this was also the standard format. Nowadays you can find rolling papers in all shapes, sizes and even flavors. RAW's rolling papers can also be found in a very diverse range of types and sizes, but all RAW rolling papers are produced completely natural and vegan.

RAW rolling papers are made from an unbleached (chlorine-free) fiber mix that ensures a pure and clean taste. The natural light brown shade is due to the natural pulp with which they are produced. The paper is so thin that you can practically see through it. They are finished with the purest natural adhesive edge, made from natural gum, for a consistent and steady burn. RAW also has its own exclusive watermark with CrissCross pattern, which minimizes build-up and uneven burning of the papers for a more even burning smoking experience. All this makes for a truly authentic experience. They come in a pack of 300 pieces where they lie flat on top of each other so that the tissue paper does not wrinkle. This is also the original way in which tissue paper, for the so-called interleaving, was packaged. There are 40 packs in this box.


RAW is one of the largest brands in the world for smoking supplies and accessories. They make authentic and unrefined smoking products such as rolling papers, tip, cones, rolling trays and other smoking accessories. The brand only makes natural and environmentally friendly products, which provide a unique smoking experience. RAW products are therefore gluten-free, chlorine-free and made without a genetically modified organism. 100% vegan friendly. RAW tries to create a real smokers lifestyle with its large range and therefore also has many merchandise products.

Specs Display Raw 300 1 ¼ 300 Leaves 40 Pcs

  • Type: 1 ¼
  • Size: 75 mm x 44 mm
  • Weight: 13.5 g/m
  • Material: organic hemp
  • Unbleached: ja
  • Colour: brown
  • Amount of papers per package: 300
  • Amount of packages per display: 40
  • Brand: RAW
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