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Display Mascotte Original Regular 10+1Pack 10 Pcs

Display Mascotte Original Regular 10+1Pack 10 Pcs
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This display from Mascotte contains 10 small boxes with each 10 plus 1 pack for free. This affordable display has the ideal thickness of 23 g/m2 and a size of 70 x 37 mm.
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Display Mascotte Original 10 + 1-pack

The best-known regular rolling papers from Mascotte are also available in a discount package. The display of Mascotte Original 10 + 1-pack consists of smaller displays with 10 packs each plus 1 free.

This Original Mascotte is one of the best-known rolling papers in the field of regular rolling paper. The rolling paper has an ideal thickness of 23 g/m2. The Mascotte Original has an ideal size of 70 mm by 37 mm. The rolling paper is strong and rolls well between the fingers. The edge is 100% natural, gluten-free and made from Arabic gum. The package, Mascotte Original, consists of 50 rolling papers and is made of plant fibres. The short rolling paper has its white colour due to the natural way of bleaching.


Shortly after the Second World War there was a shortage of rolling papers and the import of rolling papers was not allowed. This gave Frank Mignot the idea to use biblical paper and released rolling paper under the name “Mascotte”. They made the first fine, thin paper. Mascotte is now the market leader in the Netherlands. They are the first when it comes to short rolling papers, filter sleeves and rolling devices. Meanwhile, Mascotte also releases rolling paper.

Specification of display Mascotte Original 10 + 1-pack

  • Size: 70 mm x 37 mm
  • Thickness: 23 g/m2
  • Material: plant fibres
  • Colour: white
  • Unbleached: no
  • Kind of paper: regular
  • Quantity packages per display: 110  (10 x 10 + 1-pack)
  • Quantity papers per package: 50
  • Brand: Smoking
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J'utilise ces feuilles depuis plusieurs années

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