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Roor Seeds I2 Bubba Og 3 Pcs (Reg)

Roor Seeds I2 Bubba Og 3 Pcs (Reg)

Sku: 312007

The smell of the OG has been preserved in the i2 but through the cross it has more of an earthy undertone that really enhances the fruity flavour.
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RooR Seeds Amsterdam introducing: i2 RooR Bubba Regular;

  • Amount: 3 weed seeds
  • Size: short and stocky
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks;
  • Genetics: OG Kush and pre-98 Bubba Kush
  • Suitable for: greenhouse and indoor growing;

RooR i2 is one of the worlds best seeds ever:
Regarding flavour and smell this i2 from RooR seeds Amsterdam has it all. The smell of the OG has been preserved in the i2 but through the cross it has more of an earthy undertone that really enhances the fruity flavour. In the taste department RooR’s i2 is one of the few strains that really makes you smack your lips. This is one strain you don’t want to pass. In fact it’s one of the strongest strains out there. Independently the OG and the Bubba have tested more than 19% THC. The i2 from RooR is the perfect strain for insomnia and pain relief working like an analgesic, numbing the whole body. If you want more of a high, pick it earlier in the ripening cycle and the i2 will produce more of a high effect. RooR’s i2 is absolutely one of the most rewarding strains out there.

RooR i2; the best combination of two powerhouses:
The i2 from RooR Seeds Amsterdam are a combination of two powerhouses in the modern era of breeding, the OG Kush and the pre-98 Bubba Kush. These two strains are legendary in their own right, when combined they have shattered universes producing one of the finest new strains to emerge in recent times. The RooR i2 seeds combine the best traits from both parents and is close to being an almost pure Indica, with the yield of the Bubba and the taste of the OG.

RooR’s i2; Ideal for small spaces or low ceiling:
As for yield the combination with the Bubba has increased the yield so you should expect plants between 300-400 grams. As for growing RooR’s i2 it can be a slow starter, requiring up to two weeks to veg from a clone. However once RooR’s i2 gets going it produces dense thick branches that bush out. Pruning is therefore a necessity in order to get proper light penetration to the lower buds. The strain from RooR’s i2 doesn’t stretch very much so it’s a great plant for smaller rooms with low ceilings. It is also a fast plant and really packs on the leaves, growing like a thick bush. The RooR i2 seeds are eaters and can handle a pretty full nutrient cycle but. Make sure to flush the i2 well in the last week to ten days in order to really get the flavour going. Her ripening cycle runs from 56 to 63 days (8-9 weeks).

Unique packaging RooR Seeds:
RooR seeds are packed in unique glass bottles and encased in a metal container, ensuring that you always get fresh and viable seeds. RooR Seeds Amsterdam offers these packages as a numbered limited edition.

The best nutrients for the best seeds:
All supplies for growth and bloom can be found in this section. Grasscompany offers the best brands for good results in growth of your plants. Check our nutrients page here!

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