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Natural American Spirit (Green) Medium 10 X 19 Pcs

Natural American Spirit (Green) Medium 10 X 19 Pcs
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Sku: 525091-620

10 packs carton Natural American Spirit cigarettes. Flavor: Green, Medium.
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Please note: Discount on shipping costs does not apply to products subject to excise duty such as tobacco and tobacco substitutes.
  • Contents: 10 packs with 19 cigarettes
  • Tar content: 7.0 mg
  • Nicotine: 0.8 mg

Natural American Spirit Green

Natural American Spirit Green is a high quality tobacco without any additives, made from whole leaves without veins. So no foil or puffed up tobacco. Experts have known the difference between Natural American Spirit and regular tobacco for a long time. But not everyone has jet discovered this. Discover the honest and delicious taste of Natural American Spirit tobacco for yourself and taste the difference

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This tobacco is made as pure as possible. With this we mean not only the tobacco itself but also the entrepreneurship of this business:

  • Natural American Spirit, contains no additives
  • In Natural American Spirit you will not find bloated tobacco nor foil tobacco
  • Natural American Spirit is not tested on animals
  • The factories of Natural American Spirit are powered by renewable energy sources such as wind power
  • The tobacco is grown on organic raw materials
  • The participating tobacco plantations are fair, humane and organic farms
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07.11.2016 | 18:05

American spirit cigaretten (groen) kan ik aanbevelen vanwege hun kwaliteit, geen vieze smaak in je mond en minimaal onprettig cigarettengeur in je kleding. Bovendien heb je geen behoefte om veel te roken, ze zijn minder verslavend.

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