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Mohawk Red Extra Fine Cut Tobacco 1 Kg 168

Mohawk Red Extra Fine Cut Tobacco 1 Kg 168

Sku: 525003-168

Mohawk tobacco, vain-free and cut twice. Contents: 1 kg.
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Please note: Discount on shipping costs does not apply to products subject to excise duty such as tobacco and tobacco substitutes.

Mohawk  tobacco, now in a large benefit package of 1 kg. Mohawk tobacco is the no. 1 tobacco in the Dutch coffeeshops!

Note: The tobacco in this benefit package is only suitable for rolling joints and filling cones, not for rolling cigarettes! Are you looking for tobacco wich you can use for rolling cigarettes? Take a look at the Mohawk tin.

  • Extra fine cut and pure tobacco
  • Contents: 1 kg
  • Tar: 12 mg
  • Nicotine: 1.0 mg

Mohawk tobacco

Mohawk tobacco is a natural tobacco of high quality. Mohawk tobacco is made of whole vein-free tobacco leaves. Smokers notice a clear difference between smoking Mohawk Additive Free tobacco and other tobacco products. The smoke from this natural tobacco is much gentler to the throat.
The company that produces the Mohawk tobacco, Grand River Enterprises, is 100% owned by the real Mohawk Indians. All of the Mohawk tobacco is produced with respect for nature and the environment. The Mohawk Indians apply for more than 800 years to traditional methods of producing their Mohawk tobacco. Purity and respect for nature are hereby top!

The tobacco in these benefit package is cut extra fine (unlike other tobacco, this tobacco is cut twice). Therefore Mohawk Additive Free tobacco is very well suited for rolling joints and filling cones, but not suitable for rolling cigarettes.

The use of Mohawk Additive Free tobacco

In over 85% of the dutch coffee shops Mohawk  tobacco is used for rolling joints. It is the ideal tobacco for rolling joints and it perfectly fills your cone. the burning of the Mohawk addition free tobacco is delicate and proportionate. The fine structure and pure taste are direct contributors to the success of this top tobacco.

This Mohawk tobacco is specially made for rolling joints and filling cones. The tobacco in this bucket differs in structure with normal tobacco, which make it fills less well in a self rolled cigarette. This makes your cigarette burn wrong. So again: Only use for rolling joints and cones! Not for rolling cigarettes.

Buy Mohawk tobacco

Order your Mohawk additive-free today at Grasscompany.com and see for yourself! All orders are shipped discreetly!

Tip: Only use the Mohawk  tobacco in combination with the best and purest rolling papers, such as our unbleached Greengo rolling papers. Also take a look at the Greengo humidifying stones. These are great for keeping your Mohawk tobacco moist.

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