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Filtip 1 x 10 filters

Filtip 1 x 10 filters

Sku: 514164-1PC

Step into the future of filter tips: Fil tip keeps all the tobacco and other smoke products out of your mouth!
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Fil Tip is a brand new, innovative filter tip. For the first time since 1910 a genuinely innovative filter tip!

Plastic filter tip

It may take some getting used to when you first lay eyes on the product: a plastic filter tip? But the high quality filter tips offer many advantages over the traditional cardboard filter tip: It can be used multiple times, you will never get tobacco or other smoke products in your mouth, and it even enhances your smoking experience. Many people who tried Fil Tip, responted that the smoke experience was much more intense. They often added that a further difference is that no longer any tar is built up on your lips!

Once you start using Fil Tip filtertips, you may wonder how brilliant it is: Other filter tips' don't really filter. All they are is rolled-up pieces of cardboard that still allow your smoking materials to end up in your mouth. Fil Tip really filters the tobacco and other products, with its patented filter grid. On top of that, Fil Tip filtertip chills the smoke a bit before you inhale it.

Display 40 boxes Fil Tip

Pack with 10 seperately packaged Fil Tip plastic filter tips.

  • Fil Tip plastic filter tips
  • 10 Fil Tips per pack
  • For multiple use
  • Packaged hygenically.

Packaged hygenically

Another striking difference to the traditional booklet of cardboard filter tips, is the luxury package. Fil Tip is delivered in hygenic medicine strips. This ensures that your Fil Tip is clean and ready for use. You can reuse Fil Tip several times: we personally advise a maximum of three uses per filtertip, but some report that they can be used up to nine times!

Fil Tip, the High Quality filter tip

All these advantages really make Fil Tip the next generation filter tip. Warning: once you have smoked through Fil Tip, you may never want to return to the traditional filter tips. Fil Tip provides the best possible smoke. Since you care about what you smoke, certainly you also care about how you smoke? The high quality filter tips that are Fil Tip provide the best possible smoke you can get.

How do I use Fil Tip?

Some people have asked us wether a Fil Tip filter tip is harder to roll. The video clip below demonstrates how easy Fil Tip filtertips are to roll!

So buy this innovative plastic filter tip today in our online headshop at Grasscompany.com!

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