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Display Frizc Flavor Card Ice Cool Menthol 25 Pcs

Display Frizc Flavor Card Ice Cool Menthol 25 Pcs
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Turn the normal taste of your product into a true taste sensation after only 60 minutes with Frizc's Ice Cool Menthol Flavor Cards. The flavor cards are produced in Europe and are 100% recyclable.
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  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% made in Europe with the highest standards 
  • After 60 minutes you have an intense taste of ice cold menthol

Frizc Flavor Card Ice Cool Menthol

Add a true flavor dimension to your favorite products with Frizc's flavor cards. Thanks to these fragrant cards, almost any dry product can be enriched. Simply remove the tag from the packaging, put it next to the product you want to add an extra flavor dimension to and wait at least 60 minutes for it to be infused with the smell and taste of ice-cold menthol. So you no longer need fresh mint to make a fresh-tasting tea. The taste cards are of course also suitable for providing your fun cigarette or various foods with a refreshing twist.

The longer you add Frizc's Ice Cool Menthol Flavor Card to your product, the stronger the added flavors and fragrances become. In fact, it doesn't matter in which room you do this, because even a container is not too big. So you are not limited to food when it comes to adding smell and taste. You can easily disguise the smell of those smelly sports shoes, for example. Flavor Cards from Frizc are also extremely suitable for sound purposes. Only ingredients that are manufactured in the EU are used in the production. These are even certified as food and therefore of high quality. However, this does not mean that the taste cards are suitable for consumption.

Ice Cool Menthol

This Frizc Flavor Card has the taste and smell of ice-cold menthol. Packed with natural menthol crystals, this fragrant card provides an intensely cool menthol experience. Very pleasant if you want to experience some freshness during the hotter periods for example. So add them to any product that could use an extra flavor dimension. This includes various types of fruit, but also drinks such as cocktails and coffee. The refreshing options are endless and all without being harmful.


The name Frizc, coming from the Finnish slang word "friski", describes something that is fresh and clear. Like most success stories, Frizc's story also contains some happy coincidences. This is how like-minded people came together by accident. The Flavor Cards are the result of an investigation into moving a scent from one object to another, while controlling the strength of the scent. Frizc has become one of the largest manufacturers of flavor cards due to the huge demand for flavor cards.

How does a Frizc Flavor Card work

  1. Place a Frizc Flavor Card in/with your product 
  2. Wait at least 60 minutes. The intensity of the smell and taste increases the longer you leave them with your product. 
  3. Enjoy your favorite flavor.

Specs Frizc Flavor Card Super Fresh Menthol

  • Flavor: ice cool menthol
  • Amount of cards per display: 25 cards
  • Material: cardboard (approved for food use and 100% recyclable)
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