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Display Frizc Flavor Card Currant Menthol 25 Pcs

Display Frizc Flavor Card Currant Menthol 25 Pcs

Sku: 519224

Fricz Flavor Card Currant Menthol, also known as Black Current is one of the best ways to give your product more flavour. Put it with your product, wait at least 60 minutes and your product has the delicious taste of berries and menthol.
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  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% made in Europe with the highest standards
  • After 60 minutes, you will have intense berries and menthol flavour

Frizc Flavor Card Currant Menthol

These flavour cards from Frizc ensures you that you can add your favourite flavour to all your favourite things, as long as it is dry. And you may think of your favourite foods, but for example, you can give your tea herbs extra flavour. Take your flavour card out of the package and put it in your tea herbs and wait at least 60 minutes. The longer you wait, the stronger the flavour of your tea herbs will be. You can even flavour an entire container of tea herbs with a single Frizc card. Besides flour, it is also useful for smelly sportswear or shoes. All ingredients of the Frizc Flavor Card, which are used in the production of the flavour cards, are manufactured in the EU. The Flavor Cards are of high quality and certified as food (the cards are not suitable for consumption).

Berries and Menthol

This Frizc flavor card has the taste/flavour of berries and menthol. The berries give you a sweet sugary flavour and the menthol provides the fresh wake-up flavour. Ideal for when you need some energy.


Frizc Flavor Card was created and invented in Finland. Just like in all the best stories, the right people came together to develop this handy and taste card. The Frizc Flavor Card was born through research about moving taste and playing with the strength of taste. The word Frizc comes from the Finnish slang word “friski”, which means something fresh and crisp.

How does a Frizc Flavor Card work

  1. Place a Frizc Flavor Card in/with your product
  2. Wait at least 60 minutes. The longer you put the Flavour Card with your product, the stronger and more intense the taste becomes.
  3. Enjoy your favourite flavour.

Specifications Frizc Flavor Card Currant Menthol

  • Flavour: berries and menthol
  • Quantity of cards per display: 25 cards
  • Material: cardboard (approved for food use and 100% recyclable)
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